JP+PL Dementia and COVID Burnout Neuro-biomarker Project

Project title

"Cross-cultural Data Collection to Elucidate Digital Neuro-Biomarkers of Dementia and Covid-19-Related Mental Burnout"

Japanese team members

Polish team members

AI for Aging and COVID Burnout Preventing Societies - Executive summary

We plan to develop new experimental procedures involving multiple senses (olfactory, visual, auditory, and tactile) to collect rich brainwave data, leading to early prediction of dementia onset using machine learning algorithms [1-3]. 

Our team has planned to create a new experimental approach that involves RIKEN AIP EEG/fNIRS/ET recording and machine learning-based data processing. A collaborative group from NCU will design innovative olfactory, auditory, and visual experiments. These experiments will be conducted with elderly participants from Poland and Japan. All EEG/fNIRS/ET data collected will be processed in Japan, at RIKEN AIP, using machine learning algorithms developed in-house.